All Color

by Lovelite

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released November 18, 2008

Produced by Elliot Richardson & Andrew Polfer

Recorded by Elliot Richardson at Melodika in Huntington Beach, California

Mixed by Allen Salmon

Mastered by Dan Shike (

Artwork and Layout by Jason Munn (

Andrew Polfer: Vocals/Acoustic Guitars/Electric Guitars/Rhodes/Synths/String Arrangements
Jen Polfer: Vocals/Electric Guitars/Synths/Sounds
Matt Castle: Bass
Ed Benrock: Drums
Dan Bailey: Drums
JT: Rhodes/Harmonium/Mando Guitar/Organ
Troy Welstad: Piano/Casio/Keyboard
Austin Tirado: Electric Guitars
Joy Deyo: Violin
Elliot Richardson: Programming/Keys/Electric Guitars/Drum Explosions/Synths/Percussion/Mellotron/String Arrangements

(C) 2008
All Songs written by Andrew and Jen Polfer
As performed by Lovelite

Lovelite Thanks...
God: this is for You and because of You, Allen and Debbie Polfer, Ruben and Sharon Cortez, Matt Castle (thanks for caring about this project so deeply), Nathan and Josie Slawson, Elliot Richardson, Chris Brown, Andy Na (you've taught us both so much), Scott Cunningham, Guy Drummond, Garid Beeler, Larry Van Laar, Ricky Stewart, Chad Johnson (Come&Live), Jordan Freund, Pete Kipley, Christian Rios, Chad Story, Joseph Rangel, Sarah Kim, Brenen Beeler, Tim Brinkman, Tim Eagerton, Guy Zabka, Steve Ford, Chris York, Josh Thomson, Allen Salmon, Dan Shike, Jason Munn, Ed Benrock, Dan Bailey, Austin Tirado, JT, Troy Welstad, Joy Deyo, the many churches who have supported us and everyone who has helped and taught us along the way.

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Lovelite San Diego, California

Lovelite brings an energetic infusion of euro-pop sensibility and lyrical depth to the congregational worship scene. Led by the husband and wife team of Andrew and Jen Polfer, two worship leaders inspired by the thought of reshaping the mundane, the band’s anthemic, atmospheric style lays a foundation for its heartbeat: to share in the character of God’s creativity. ... more

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Track Name: There You Are
tie me to You so I cannot leave / distance from You makes me dry and weak / come fill me up and change what I do / all I want now is to mirror You / and if ever I am faithless I can't escape Your greatness / from the brightest of places to the infinite spaces/ there You are there You are/
my gentle frame wants to be set free/ strength from the source will outlast all need / that which is lost mercy will renew/ all You have saved longs to honor You / You have been there before time began / crying mercy for the broken man
Track Name: Enduring
great are You God / Your mercy endures forever / great is Your love / Your beauty goes on forever / heavens' heart longs for more to come /
You call out for the fallen ones / thank You for all Your gentleness / we're amazed by Your holiness / You're the hope we can rest upon/ give us words to sing of all You've done / when You speak silence turns to praise / now You are the meaning in our days / there is no one who can compare
Track Name: Deep Ocean
radiant with brilliant light / the King of all composed my life / i will trust I'm satisfied / i will rest in Your eyes / You are my center You're my portion / You have no measure a deep deep ocean / You create and fill my need / i cannot fail with You for me / all You are is what we need
Track Name: Honestly
waiting at my door / You call for me with love / seeking out my heart to hold / i open up my door / rid my heart of evil / and I will live to reach You / i belong to You / holding on Your words / if You ask I'll follow You / i give up my will / honestly You're the good in me / You are all I have
gracious perfect King / honestly I am Yours to free / You have won my heart / now take hold of me / i love You more than gold / the greatest prize now known / a song to sing a hand to hold / i love You all the more
Track Name: The Fullness
here I am safe at last / in Your arms and in Your hands / my body's weak but You are stronger / and You will carry me / because You offer a life that is whole / You brighten my darkened soul / a mystery that I long to know / i am Yours / here I am full of hope / not weighed down anymore / knowing You changes me / never let me leave
Track Name: Patience
Your kindness waits with those gentle open arms / i want to be such a joy here in Your eyes / teach me how I can give up / all of these things I have built up / thank You for patient love / You've waited all these years / i see You more clearly / than I ever have before / my future rests in Your watchful tenderness / i want to live to make You my one delight / You won't let me go / You amaze me everyday
Track Name: For Love
in the mist of doubt / the light will burn the clouds / Your hand will pull us out / for love for love / lift up all your heavy hearts / He's going to mend the broken parts / He is good He is good He is good / Builder of the world / You're worthy of our trust / and we give up our lives / for love for love / sing out strong for God's one Son / for His hands and what they've done / He is good He is good He is good / You are good You are good You are good / let Your love shine down
Track Name: Everyday New
the coldness in my heart the silence in my soul / You're the only One who can make me whole / Lord You pull me from the emptiness I bear / You wrap me in Your love as You draw me near / You make everyday brand new / with Your power to undo / i am complete when I'm with You / i give myself away / Savior of my life You saw what I'd do / and You sent Your Son to bring me back to You / i will trust in You like the earth trusts rain / i will stand and sing marvelous our King / i will trust in You like the stars trust sky / i will stand and sing marvelous our King

(Note: Consequence for sin stays with us and we are accountable for our actions. God uses those consequences to teach us while Jesus removes all the relational penalty that separates us from Him.)
Track Name: Unrivaled
my unrivaled King You speak poetry / with Your Word of love and the stars above / my unrivaled King You hold everything / worlds were made for You to sing of Your truth / there's a name I love to hear / music to the sinners' ear / it shakes the earth and draws me close to You / my unrivaled Love I was made for You / give me strength to stand and forfeit all I have / Jesus wonder of life / Jesus name above all
Track Name: Our Peace/All Color
Your just Word held in perfect love / our hands tied sin bordered us / so You stepped in the way / You lift us up where we can love Your law / and unashamed we stand on grace / You loved first while we warred within / You're the peace we've been longing for / so You stepped in the way / and You became sin for us / You lift us up where we can run to You / we want to please Your heart alone